Frequently Asked Questions

Taormina Imports Frequently Asked Questions

Cobra Project Questions:

  1. What is the turn around time to complete a Cobra project?
    1. Complete turn around is approximately 10 weeks from time of order of chassis through Dynamic Auto West. Once we get the chassis, engine and transmission, it is approx. 2 weeks to put it all together and get it running.
  1. Will you complete a Cobra project I have already started?
    1. Yes, we can complete a project that has been already started. However, keep in mind that there may be additional work involved since we didn’t start the project and are picking up where someone left off.
  1. How are the cobra replicas titles or registered?
    1. There is a specific process through the DMV that needs to be followed. If you purchase your chassis through Dynamic Auto West, they will help walk you through this process.
  1. Is there a warranty?
    1. Yes, we warranty our installation labor.

Service Questions:

  1. What forms of payment do you accept?pay Taormina Imports with paymate
    1. We accept cash, personal check, VISA, Mastercard, and American Express as well as payment through
  1. Do you service non-exotic cars?
    1. Yes, we can service your non-exotic vehicle. We are happy to work on any vehicle. We also do all kinds of service and performance upgrades to high performance muscle. Foreign or American cars are no matter to us!
  1. What is the turn around time for a regular service?
    1. There is no specific turn around time for a service. It is dependent on what you would like done to your vehicle. Typically we can turn it around in a fair amount of time.
  1. Will you return my old parts to me?
    1. Yes, we will be happy to save any parts that we replace on your vehicle and return them to you with your freshly serviced car.
  1. Do you work on weekends if I have an emergency issue?
    1. Typically we are not open on weekends, however depending on the situation and severity of the issue, we can certainly make an exception.
  1. Do you provide transport if I am out of the area?
    1. Yes we can. We work with many different transport companies. We can set it up for your vehicle to be picked up and delivered back to you upon completion.